The smoking ban imposed by the Environment Public Authority curtails not just organic tobacco cigarettes but also electronic cigarettes, electronic hookah and any other tools or equipment used for the same purpose in either closed or semi-closed public places.

The Director of Public Relations and Official Spokesperson for the Environment Public Authority, Sheikha Al-Ibrahim, told an Arabic paper that the authority insists on the need to follow smoking regulations in closed and semi-enclosed public places in accordance with Article 56 of the Environmental Protection Law No. 42 of 2014 and its amendments, otherwise violators will face penalties.

Al-Ibrahim pointed out that the authority incessantly disseminates awareness videos to alert smokers and owners of establishments to abide by the laws, stressing the need to place a no smoking sign in clear locations at the entrances of the public facilities. In the event that ashtrays are placed outside public buildings, they must be kept away by a distance of at least four meters from the entrances.

He also emphasized on the obligation of all authorities to take the appropriate action to prevent smoking in these spaces, as the violator exposes the manager of the establishment to a fine of up to KD 5000, while allowing private smoking booths that comply with technical specifications and environmental requirements. He explained that the public places in which he attends are governmental and private administrative establishments, public benefit associations, their administrative offices, their annexes, and what falls within their scope.

Al-Ibrahim pointed out that smoking is also prohibited in closed public places, which are places that have the form of an integrated building and that the air does not enter it except through a specific ventilation system. He clarified that the semi-closed public places covered by the smoking ban are partially covered buildings directly exposed to the outside air.

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