The Environment Public Authority has followed up correspondence with the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment in relation to the monitoring of a limited oil leak incident in the Basra region, an Arab daily reported.

Chairman of the Board and Director General of the Environment Public Authority, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad, explained that a team from the Authority followed up the communication in coordination with the organization via satellite images to find out the source of the oil spill. It turned out that the leak was from Mina al-Bakr of the Republic of Iraq and that they have contained it.

Al-Ahmad stated that the General Department of Coast Guard of the Ministry of Interior and the Naval Force of the Ministry of Defense coordinated to conduct a survey on the marine area within Kuwaiti territorial waters, and no pollution was detected. Patrols of the Ministry of Interior in the northern region and the existing naval force were also assigned on Boubyan Island to complete monitoring and report immediately if any pollution is detected.

He also praised the solidarity between the authorities and the efforts made by the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment, the General Administration of Coast Guard and the Marine Force to preserve the environment.

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