The Kuwaiti Environment Lens team announced that it has spotted the brown eagle in the Al-Salmi area, located at the farthest point on the western borders of Kuwait with Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Team member Dr. Mahdi Ghuloom told Kuwait News Agency today that the eagle arrived in Kuwait from Europe going to Africa as part of its autumn migration season, reports a local Arabic daily.

He added the brown eagle is one of the most famous eagles all over the world. He explained the eagle that was spotted is not an adult because of the color of its black beak and the color of its brown neck feathers, saying the adult has a light beak color and white feathers on the neck.

He pointed out that the brown eagle’s head is bald and white, and the color of its body feathers is brown to several degrees, and in flight the wings feathers are black, its tail is short and black, its beak is black, and its eyes are dark brown. Usually, males and females of the brown eagle are similar with some minor differences in color.

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