It is possible that some planets are able to form rivers of diamonds, according to a recently published study that used a simple type of plastic to recreate the conditions that supposedly led to the presence of diamonds in Uranus and Neptune.

Scientists hypothesized that enormous pressures transform hydrogen and carbon into diamonds, flowing thousands of kilometers below the gaseous surfaces of the two icy giants, reports a local Arabic daily.

The study published in the journal “Science Advances” indicated that the friction of oxygen with this mixture facilitates the formation of diamonds.

Dominic Krause, a physicist from the German research laboratory “HZDR” and one of the authors of the study, explained that these rivers are probably of a very special type.

Krause told AFP that diamonds likely formed from a “hot, dense liquid”, before slowly flowing into the rocky region in the middle of the two planets, at a depth of 10,000 kilometers below their surface. Then the liquid spreads out in layers “at a distance of hundreds of kilometers or more.”

Scientists from the HZDR Laboratory, the University of Rostock in Germany and the French Ecole Polytechnic are trying to recreate the conditions under which diamond rivers form.

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