The Minister of Municipality, Dr. Rana Al-Fares has a 3-phase time plan for Kuwaiti jobs in the municipality, so that the first phase begins with the termination of contracts of 33% of non-Kuwaitis with a notice period, starting from next September 1, followed by the second phase by ending 33% on February 1, 2023, provided that in the third phase granting notice period from July 1, 2023 for the remaining number of employees.

The minister has requested the Director General of the Municipality, Eng. Ahmed Al-Manfouhi to provide her with lists of the names of non-Kuwaiti employees within one week, in preparation for taking the necessary legal measures to terminate their services.

The following categories are excluded from the minister’s decision:

• The non-Kuwaiti employee of a Kuwaiti mother

• Children of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries

• Undetermined permanent residents, provided that they are registered with the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents’ Status

• Service staff

• 50 percent of funeral services staff

Al-Fares stressed on the suspension of all procedures for the appointment of non-Kuwaitis, and the suspension of all transfers of non-Kuwaiti workers between departments and sectors.

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