he Public Authority for Agriculture created the “The Most Beautiful Home Garden” competition, about 12 years ago, to reward citizens who grow gardens for their hard effort, and urge others to follow their example to create a healthy Kuwaiti environment.

The idea was well received by everyone, so it was cloned and dragged to organize a competition for the most beautiful school garden, but both projects did not continue, and stopped for many reasons, including lack of funding.

Many countries are interested in developing afforestation and greening projects for utilities, regions, highways and secondary roads, to give an aesthetic view to these sites, as well as to mitigate the desertification phenomenon that hits the streets and roads of the Gulf states, and has led to the emergence of the desert and the increase in traffic accidents and injuries as a result, which requires government interest in this aspect, and the revival of specialized initiatives that aspire to the spread of greenery in various places in the country, through the cooperation of government agencies, such as the PAAAFR the Ministry of Works and others, initiatives that have been absent without clear reasons.

5 elements required to activate afforestation initiatives

  •  Allocating budgets to implement initiatives
  •  Providing skilled and qualified manpower
  •  Adoption of modern technology for agriculture and irrigation
  •  Choosing the right plants suitable for the Kuwaiti environment
  •  Motivating volunteers to implement environmental projects

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