Among the many innovations that the Las Vegas Electronics Show is full of are those that are based on artificial intelligence, and one of the latest recorded in this context is an “emotional thermometer” that is able to analyze human feelings.

The director of technology at the French company that created the device, Anthony Perzo, explained that the “Emobot”, which resembles a small statue, “constantly monitors emotional feelings” thanks to its camera and microphones, reports a local Arabic daily.

The device is used to monitor any possible mental disorders in the elderly, such as depression or anxiety.

The robot, which can be placed on any piece of furniture in the home, spends its day monitoring the person’s facial expressions, movements, and tone of voice to monitor any major changes that may occur in his behavior, and thus avoid hospitalization in an emergency.

Anthony Bierzo, along with the three other Emmobot co-creators, hopes to find an answer to the risks associated with loneliness and the perceived lack of access to health care. (AFP)

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