Embassy of Tajikistan held a reception on the occasion of the country’s ‘President’s Day’ during which the Ambassador of Tajikistan, and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Dr. Zubaydullo Zubaydov praised the bilateral cooperation between Tajikistan and Kuwait. He also revealed that his country’s President, Emomali Rahman, will visit Kuwait during the beginning of 2023, and that political consultations are taking place to prepare for the President’s upcoming visit.

Ambassador Zubaydov explained that the historic 16th session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan witnessed a total of 19 agreements between the two brotherly countries, followed by the discussion session of the joint Tajik-Kuwaiti committee that was held in November at Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, and this will be followed by another progressive session at the end of 2023. He added that the first ever direct flight between Kuwait and Tajikistan will be launched on 10 December.

Noting that Tajikistan had faced many ordeals during their civil war, the ambassador said that it was only after the country gained independence in 1991 that peace and stability was finally restored. He also expressed hope that the newly elected President’s ideals in ensuring peace will ensure the people of Tajikistan will continue to live with harmony.

During the period of 30 years since independence, President Emomali Rahman has turned Tajikistan into a developed and proactive country, while also gaining acceptance in membership of more than 80 regional and international organizations and global financial institutions, said the ambassador. Tajikistan has acceded to more than 350 international laws, such as international conventions, charters and resolutions, aimed at achieving global goals such as social development, improvement of economic situation, and environmental protection.

In conclusion, he highlighted the commendable actions undertaken by the President, including adopting the constitution and the peace agreement, restoring the crippled power structure, establishing the national army and the border forces, are among the reasons for the observance of President’s Day as a solemn tribute and honor to the beloved leader of Tajikistan.

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