The Ministry of Interior.

The Interior and Defense Committee has referred a set of proposals to the National Assembly for approval, which includes the establishment of an electronic platform to assist those sentenced to prison terms in non-criminal financial cases whose work will be supervised by the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the relevant ministries and authorities.

The proposal aims to facilitate the process of donations to ensure the money collected goes directly to the beneficiary inside prisons for his/her release immediately by avoiding the documentary cycle. The sources said time can be shortened by creating an integrated electronic platform to help those convicted in debt cases of non-criminal nature inside Kuwait so that money can be paid for their release, while at the same time ensuring complete confidentiality of the data of the convicts to protect their privacy.

The committee also approved a proposal by the Ministry of Interior to provide mobile cars to complete the transactions and services it provides, for the elderly category and providing them with various means of comfort.

In these cars, government employees will be trained to serve this category of the citizens who are 65 years and above.

It also approved a proposal to establish a specialized medical department affiliated with the General Department of Prisons, equipped with the latest devices and specialized medical cadres to treat convicts in drug abuse cases during the period of imprisonment.

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