In an attempt to improve Kuwait’s international indicators, the Government wants to raise the percentage of women in senior positions.

The sources told a local Arabic daily, said the goals of the country’s development plan are to give women 35% share of senior positions, to improve Kuwait’s rating on the Women and Business Index, indicating that one of the solutions under discussion to empower women to occupy leadership positions and achieve the mentioned percentage is to define a ‘quota’ for women in each government institution.

The sources indicated several senior positions are currently vacant in most government institutions and this should help achieve the desired percentage for women in senior positions.

The sources mentioned the government is continuing to support the empowerment of women in leadership positions, and that there are several solutions to achieve this, indicating that Kuwait has finally succeeded in raising the percentage of women in senior positions in the public sector from 12% three years ago to 21% at the moment.

The sources pointed out the ambition is to enable woman to occupy senior position and even supervisory positions, because women constitute a large proportion of the workforce in the public sector, and they possess skills and energies that must be utilized in the service of the nation’s development.

However, the sources concluded by saying the criteria for employing is competence and skills and in accordance with the approved channels and mechanisms, especially passing the tests.

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