Once again efforts are underway to seek amnesty for politicians who are living in exile in Turkey and finally put an end to this thorny issue that has been until now the bone of contention between the executive and the legislative authorities and what is required is concerted efforts, not antagonism.

Reliable sources told Al-Rai that pardon for ‘Turkey exiles’ has become a necessity before the National Assembly reconvenes at the end of October, to ensure the next session does not face the same fate as the last session and give the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled a lifeline in the face of political challenges in the coming period.

The sources added unremitting efforts have been exerted, quietly and silently, to solve the issue with ‘tact’ unlike at earlier times when there were claims and counter claims and challenges from both sides.

The daily said efforts are exerted through contact in Turkey due to his relationship with parties in Kuwait, and his role is important for the initiative to bear fruit and build on earlier efforts.

On the issue of “rehabilitation,” this can only be contested after obtaining the amnesty.

This matter, the daily says, is no longer an obstacle, and “we must not allow this part to sabotage the efforts that have been made in this regard.

“What will happen is if the initiative succeeds, these matters will be considered by the National Assembly after the return of those in exile, for the legislative process to take its course through the National Assembly.

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