The Director of Projects Department of the Educational Establishments and Planning Sector, Eng. Muhammad Fahad Al-Enezi, indicated that 9 schools have been received in the Al-Wafra area and that there are 4 schools under implementation, pointing out that the sector is overseeing the implementation of a number of projects, including two schools in the Sabah Al-Nasser area for the intermediate stage for boys and girls, and a neighbor Equipping and operating them to meet the needs of the region according to the student density inside the schools.

Al-Enezi also confirmed that the requirements of the Ministry of Electricity and Water towards rationalizing electrical energy consumption were taken into account by setting up the BMS — Building management system — to ensure the rationalization of electrical energy consumption and ease of building control. The use of clean renewable energy systems was also taken into account, and the solar energy system in schools was provided as an additional source to feed the school with the electrical network, reports a local Arabic daily.

He pointed out that coordination is underway with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare to follow up and receive the schools that are being completed, for example, the 18 schools in the Wafra region. Five schools were operated in 2021/2022, and 9 schools were received, in addition to 4 schools where work is in progress according to the directives of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Yacoub.

He stated that the sector is keen to keep pace with the latest engineering designs that simulate the needs of school buildings in line with sustainability standards, given the global trend towards digitizing education, using technology and creating an attractive environment for students, noting the sector’s commitment to the requirements of the Ministry of Electricity and Water to rationalize the use of electric current and the use of smart programs that help on building management.

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