As part of its preparations for the academic year 2022/2023, the Ministry of Education announced the naming and opening of new schools in various educational districts, including Farwaniya.

In this regard, the Maintenance Supervisor in the Engineering Affairs Department in the Farwaniya Educational District, Eng Jassim Al-Saffar, stated that Farwaniya West Abdullah Al-Mubarak area includes 20 schools of all educational levels with advanced and smart model designs.

Al-Saffar stressed seven schools were received from the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, including only one secondary school for boys, two kindergarten schools, two middle schools, and two primary, which were designed in a model, advanced and smart way with solar panels to provide energy.

He added that each school contains multiple facilities from a theater, a school administration building, rooms for teachers and gymnastics auditoriums, each primary school consisting 30 classrooms with all facilities, while middle schools contain 24 classrooms, while the secondary schools contain 30 classrooms in addition to laboratories.

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