As students return to their studies for the new academic year, the Department of Social and Psychological Services of the Ministry of Education organized an awareness campaign, titled “Psychological and social preparation for a comprehensive return to study” at the Capital Mall on Thursday.

According to an Arab daily, the Director of the Department of Social and Psychological Services, Faisal Al-Ustaz, highlighted the aim of the initiative which is to encourage and motivate children as they fully head back to school, and mentally prepare them throughout the academic year, stressing that making students ready to return to school is a relevant social message. The professor also pointed out that the event’s main goal is to introduce the psychological, social and educational services offered by the Department, such as psychological counseling, treatment, digital counseling and marketing through the electronic app called “Consult”.

Moreover, Senior Psychologist, Anwar Al-Otaibi, confirmed that the event ceremony received families and students from all factions of society, while responding to inquiries and consultations. The event also provided family entertainment and introduced the “Consult” platform’s practical features, and then distributed souvenirs for children and their families to promote interdependence between the school and the students’ home.

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