The Ministry of Education confirmed that the replacement plan has excluded the children of Kuwaiti women, Gulf nationals and illegal residents and did not include them at the cost of Kuwaitis.

The ministry said this came in response to what was being circulated on social media that the Ministry of Education included in its plan the children of Kuwaiti women, illegal residents, and Gulf nationals.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Ahmed Al-Wahida, said the Ministry of Education is keen on the stability of the educational staff in schools, especially Kuwaiti teachers and children of Kuwaiti women.

Al-Wahida said in a statement that the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hamad Al-Adwani stressed the need to give children of Kuwaiti women priority in appointment after Kuwaitis, as well as excluding them from any termination decisions, in confirmation of what was stated by the Minister, Dr. Education annually by the Civil Service Bureau for non-Kuwaiti employees.

He said that the replacement of the Kuwaiti element, children of Kuwaiti women, and illegal residents comes in line with the state’s policy to Kuwaitize all educational and administrative jobs in all sectors of the state. At the same time, he indicated that the competent authorities in the ministry were keen, when choosing the names of the expatriate teachers included in the replacement plan, not to include any teacher from the excluded groups.

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