Ministry of Education Assistant Undersecretaries, Yassin Al-Yassin and Salah Dabsha, filed their resignations effective 28 January. The Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf, accepted the resignations.

The head of the Teachers Association, Hamad Al-Houli, confirmed that the resignations of the officials may be signaling a new political phase on statewide and educational levels, adding that it gave a positive call for optimism for a new stage in the Ministry of Education. He also said that the move could be a turning point in finding new approaches at leadership that are in line with new conditions and requirements. Al-Houli said the above without devaluing the roles of the two leaders who provided their best efforts but that the decisions could be paving the way in advancing the path of education under extreme challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic, as well as, the instabilities in the government.

While the official applauded and commended the move, he stressed the importance of selecting alternative leadership to make way for approaches that align with the goals and aspirations amid the current situation. This is in light of the new academic year which requires urgent actions to complete the preparations and create a stable educational backdrop for the people in the sector.

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