The dream of controlling “Grendizer” or other giant robots emerging from the world of Japanese animation has become a reality for Japanese Ryo Yoshida, who created a “monster” that can be controlled from within.

This giant robot, measuring 4.5 meters long and weighing 3.5 tons, is called “Archax,” and can be moved at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour by a person sitting in a cockpit equipped with the latest technology.

This person moves the robot with 26 joints, including its huge hands, as he pleases, using two joysticks, two pedals, and a touch screen.

“I want people’s dreams to come true,” explained Yoshida, the young president of the startup Tsubame Industries. When we were children, we dreamed of getting into a robot and controlling it, like in science fiction movies.

“It is a machine that allows people to enter a little into this (sci-fi) world,” the 25-year-old businessman told AFP in the aisles of the “Japan Mobility Exhibition” about his $3 million machine.

As for the purpose of using these machines, Ryo Yoshida pointed out that the options range from use for entertainment purposes, such as robot battles, or for practical purposes, such as tasks of removing rubble after disasters or construction work.

But his goal is not limited to developing robots only, but rather he specifically wants to create a system that combines the machine and the person who controls its movement.

Ryo Yoshida explained, “The idea is not just for the person to enter inside (the robot) and become its controller, but rather for him to become the robot, as if he had become a giant person.”

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