The Criminal Court acquitted the President of the Information Security Association, Dr. Safaa Zaman of the charges filed against her by the State Security apparatus.

A local Arabic daily quoting Dr Zaman said, she expressed her happiness with the appeal ruling issued against her today. Of the verdict she said, “I am very happy for more than one reason, first because the truth emerged and my innocence has been proved and I was redressed, because what I said, I said for the sake of Kuwait and for fear of my country, and my statement in the case was purely technical and out of my specialization, and away from politics.

“Secondly, because the ruling proves and confirms that Kuwait was and still is a state of freedoms and justice against everyone’s will, and thirdly, the the statement had a good impact on the government’s move, through the issuance of some legislation and regulations that would contribute to limiting tampering with state data.”

Zaman stressed that “the most important thing in all of this is that the ruling represents a victory for Kuwait and its people, protects people’s dignity and freedoms, and the word of truth must be spoken even if it arouses the fear and anger of those who are corrupt.”

Dr Zaman thanked the just Kuwaiti judiciary, and in particular to the judge as truth triumphed and “justice was done to me.”

The Public Prosecution had charged Dr Safaa with talking about the existence of Civil Service Commission databases regarding appointments and promotions for state employees with an Egyptian company abroad. However, the Criminal Court had acquitted her of these charges and it has been upheld by the Court of Appeal.

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