Although the number of infected people with the “Corona” virus is increasing in some countries health sources in Kuwaiti said steps taken by Kuwait may be a major reason for protecting the society from the potentially dangerous repercussions of any new wave of the virus.

A local Arabic daily quoting Minister of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed, reiterated that at the moment there is no intention to give a fourth dose of vaccination since the epidemiological situation in Kuwait has stabilised, but if the situation worsens the health authorities will vies the situation differently.

Dr Al-Saeed stressed that the ministry is dealing flexibly with the epidemiological situation, stressing the need to adhere to health precautions during the holy month, and expressing hope that things will continue as they are in the stability of the epidemiological situation.

The sources pointed out that among the most prominent elements of the supportive force to confront the virus in Kuwait, “the strength of the health system, community awareness, cumulative experiences, and the high rate of vaccination among members of society, as the number of those who received the first dose exceeded 87 percent, and 84 percent for those got the second dose, in addition to continuing demand for the booster dose which exceeded 1.1 million.”

The sources shed light on an emerging element of strength “represented by the so-called hybrid immunity that provides better protection against the virus, according to recent studies,” explaining that this immunity “is acquired through infection and then receiving the vaccine.”

And she revealed that the number of those who have “hybrid immunity” in Kuwait “reached about one million at least, given the officially registered cases, in addition to the infections that the did not take the initiate to report, for a variety of reasons, Including the lack of awareness among some workers for the absence of symptoms. or because the symptoms are similar to other viral diseases.

The sources pointed out that, “It is estimated that about 18 to 20 percent of the total population may have acquired this type of immunity, and they have a variety of antibodies that can deal with the virus and its mutations.”

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