With the start of the camping season today, the Spring Camps Committee in the Kuwait Municipality denied reports circulated by some regarding approval to allow camp owners to set up their camps in the Al-Oyoun and Saad Al-Abdullah sites in Al-Jahra Governorate, stressing that camping will be permitted only in areas that were earlier announced.

The Director of the Public Relations Department, the official spokesman for the Kuwait Municipality, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, announced that the committee for studying and updating spring camp sites has completed all preparations for this year’s camping season, which begins as of today, Wednesday, when the door to receiving reservation requests and issuing camp licenses opens electronically.

Al-Mutairi explained, in a press statement yesterday, that the committee completed its meeting in the presence of representatives from the relevant government agencies and a number of representatives of cooperative societies wishing to establish markets or entertainment places to serve camping areas.

The committee identified two sites, the first on Kabd Road and the other in Subiya at the end of the Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge. The sites will be allotted via a lottery system and that 14 locations for cooperative markets will also be distributed through a lottery.

The municipality has called on everyone to adhere to the conditions for establishing spring camps such as the requirements of the General Fire Department and the Ministry.

It is prohibited to destroy the natural environment, harm wildlife, or undermine its aesthetic value. It also prohibits hunting or killing wildlife, prohibits the practice of grazing inside camping areas, throwing waste of all kinds, and prevents the establishment of a fixed facility with construction or building materials and drilling holes in the ground.

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