Doha has been ranked in the top 10 of the safest global tourist destinations in a recent survey by UK security training outfit ‘Get Licensed’.

Asia has five destinations in the top 10 list, Kyoto, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo and Doha.

According to the survey, cities were ranked using several safety factors as parameters, including crime and homicide rates, trust in police and worries about being mugged or robbed. Get Licensed compiled results from 100 of the top global tourist cities.

Doha ranked 10th, was tied with Ljubljana (Slovenia), and received a Global Holiday Safety Score of 7.56 in the survey. It recorded just a 0.42 homicide rate per 100,000 people by country – one of the lowest rates globally.

Only 8.94% of people surveyed said they were worried about being mugged or robbed, while 82.37% said they feel safe walking alone at night. The city had the safest ranking In the Global Terrorism Index score, with a 7.92 score in the reliability of police category.

Meanwhile, Reykjavik (Iceland), Bern (Switzerland), Bergen (Norway), Kyoto (Japan) and Taipei (Taiwan) were the top five cities. Singapore (Singapore), Copenhagen (Denmark), Salzburg (Austria) and Tokyo (Japan), alongside Doha, completed the top ten. Lagos (Nigeria), Lima (Peru), Mexico City (Mexico), New Delhi (India) and Manila (Philippines) were the least safe global tourist destinations according to the survey.

Last year, Doha was ranked by Holidu as one of the safest cities for ‘solo women travellers’. The UK-based search engine for holiday rentals placed Doha as the 15th safest city for women to travel alone and the only place within the region included in the list of 50.

Qatar’s consistent ranking across several platforms as a safe and tourist-friendly destination has seen the country attract visitors, with a record number already recorded in the first two months of the year. With its high safety record, seamless public transport, pristine beaches, cultural sites, world-class sports events, and premium shopping experiences, Qatar has become a top destination for tourists worldwide to experience its unique blend of modernity and tradition.

According to Qatar Tourism, the country welcomed 730,000 visitors in January and February 2023, an increase of 347% from 2022. Around 340,000 international visitors were recorded in January 2023, a 295% increase year-on-year, and 389,000 visitors in February 2023 — a staggering 406% increase compared to last year.

In 2021, Qatar Tourism launched a new international multi-media campaign to drive forward the country’s tourism goals to welcome more than six million visitors a year by 2030. Last year, the Feel More in Qatar campaign was inaugurated to highlight the country’s position as a premium destination and the Middle East’s top choice for well-travelled tourists.

Source-The Peninsula

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