The head of the clinical treatment department at the Central Hospital of Russian Railways, Dr. Anna Sviridova, announced that coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer.

According to her, the beneficial properties of coffee for the body lie in the fact that it contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of liver cancer, reports Al-Rai daily.

Sviridova said: “Coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which when absorbed through the blood reaches the liver and helps restore damaged cells in this important organ. As it is known, many factors negatively affect the liver, such as alcohol, drugs, excess weight, and excess fat accumulation. The development of infections in cells leads to damage to the cell membrane. And coffee helps restore this membrane. Of course, coffee is not a magic cure for the liver, but it has tangible benefits.

Also, Dr. Sviridova warned of the negative effects of coffee, saying: “People who suffer from iron deficiency anemia or osteoporosis should drink coffee with caution and after consulting a doctor. Also, in the case of high blood pressure, the patient should not drink more than one cup of coffee if the blood pressure is stable. But if coffee causes it to rise, it is better to stop drinking it completely.

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