The Ministry of Health has prepared the executive regulations for Law No. 70 of 2020 and referred the document to the Fatwa and Legislation Department for legal review. This was in preparation for the announcement on regulating the practice of the medical profession and its auxiliary professions. The document dealt with the rights of patients and health facilities.

Sources say that the new law will be ready for implementation after the issuance of the executive regulations. The one-year deadline for its issuance expired last October and the process is five months behind the legal deadline set by law, reports a local Arabic daily.

The sources also added that the Health Licensing Department in the Ministry is preparing for this change. The application of the new law will be followed by a reorganization of the existing procedures and conditions for many functions like licensing health facilities in the private sector, issuing licenses for practitioners, advertisements for the private sector, regulating the practice of some professions like alternative medicine, use of stem cells, insurance for practitioners against errors and occupational risks, and in the establishment of the Medical Liability Authority as an independent body specialized in investigations related to medical errors. In addition, to the monitoring and inspection of healthcare facilities and practitioners in the private sector.

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