With the new government all set to begin work after the oath-taking ceremony directives are said to have been issued to the ministers by the Prime Minister, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf, to take different approach, based on transparency and objectivity, and not to entertain transactions that are not in line with the rule of the law and not to succumb to wasta or parliamentary interventions.

The sources told a local Arabic daily that Prime Minister Al-Nawaf has given directions to the ministers not to receive in their offices the representatives of the dissolved parliament or candidates who will be contesting the upcoming elections, and not to allow interference in their work and the work of service departments.

The sources stated that Al-Nawaf ordered the ministers to issue a circular to the senior officials in state ministries to compile a list of competent people who are eligible for promotions and shun wasta in this area since the ministries in the past were accused of parachute employment.

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