As the agricultural season begins, the Agriculture Authority jumpstarted the distribution of seedlings of trees and shrubs, as well as a variety of indoor and outdoor plants at the Agricultural Nurseries Control Headquarters in Al-Omaria yesterday, an Arab daily reported.

At least 75% of the seedlings that are distributed and sold are locally produced, according to the controller of agricultural nurseries in the authority, Youssef Al-Moussawi. He said that the authority is keen on the initiative in order to encourage citizens and anyone interested to utilize the seedlings for decorative and cosmetic purposes, including improving the environment. Al-Moussawi added that individuals will benefit from the production of palm trees and other fruit trees, as well.

Al-Moussawi said nursery workers planted 83 types of plants adapted to Kuwait’s environment, and prepared 650,000 seedlings of 75 varieties. These plants are being generated to one million seedlings before the end of the season.

Citizens and residents visit the nursery six months a year, during winter and summer, to receive hundreds of seedlings suitable for cultivation at home, gardens, roads, or on the land. The official stressed the authority’s staunch support of the Ministry of Education’s distribution of seedlings, as 50 seedlings are distributed to each school, and new schools are assisted with more. He said this is a step towards promoting afforestation and preserving green areas.

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