There are signs of a looming conflict between the KNPC workers union and the company’s management, after the negotiations committees for labor claims failed to come to a conclusion.

The Al-Qabas daily has learned the company’s management has until now not succeeded in containing the situation, pointing out that stopping the work of these committees may result in confusion due to delay or procrastination of labor rights.

The sourced indicated that there are more than 30 labor claims that should have been discussed in the negotiation committees with senior management, indicating that the most important of these claims are as follows:

— Implementing the Kuwaitization agreement and replacing foreign labor with national labor

— Filling all job vacancies in the company.

— Not extending services of leaders whose term has exceeded 35 years.

— Introducing the maintenance department in the company’s refineries.

— Modifying the work shift system.

— Applying and implementing the judgments issued in the interest of the employees.

— Applying the advantages applied in associate oil companies.

— Amending the career ladder of operations.

The sources added that the union stands as a strong barrier to preserving the rights of workers in the company, and the company’s management must work to correct the conditions and improve the working conditions of workers, and respond to their legitimate demands in order to achieve justice and equality.

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