Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) on Sunday referred director-general of a public authority to the general prosecution to cross-examine charges by Minister of Awaf and Islamic Affairs (justice) Fahad Al-Afasi against him.

Dr. Mohammad Bouzbar, Nazaha’s official spokesperson, said in a press release that the case revolves around a third charitable stake in a commercial company. It has developed after the company’s extraordinary general assembly decided to liquidate the company.

A panel tasked with the liquidation was formed and was headed by director-general of a public authority to ensure exemption of the charitable stake from the liquidation, however, the latter performance in this regard was shrouded with suspicion and ambiguity. Against this backdrop, Minister Al-Afasi submitted relevant documents to Nazaha to cross-examine the case and it had done so instantly.

Investigators found suspicious grave misappropriation of the third stake; that the suspected offender neglected “technical studies and practiced his tasks without legal bases,” where benefactors were deprived of proceeds from some realty assets. Investigations, clues and testimonies led to conclusions that there was perpetrated intention to “jeopardize public funds, make illegal earnings classified as an offense according to Article 11 of Law 1/1993 on the protection of public funds, Bouzbar said.

Realizing that there has been “reasonable basis for suspicious corruption as stipulated in Provision 22 and subjecting the suspected culprit to Law 2/2016, Nazaha referred the related papers to the prosecution, recommending that the director-general be suspended from work during the investigation period, pending issuance of a judicial rule in this respect.”

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