Researchers from the KIMS Institute of Medical Sciences in India have succeeded in creating the first device that can measure and determine the degree of pain felt by any person, just as a thermometer is used to measure body temperature.

The researchers explained that the device has proven its ability to give accurate monitoring of the degree of pain or discomfort that the patient feels, so that the treating physician acts on this basis and prescribes medications or appropriate procedures to reduce the degree of pain, whether during clinical consultations or during the patient’s treatment in the intensive care units, reports a local Arabic daily.

The innovation is the brainchild of Dr. Saigala Sukaina, who the device “relies on monitoring the patient’s signs of pain by observing and sensing a number of physical changes, and then translating those changes into numbers on a standard, graduated scale known as VRS.”

In the context of their scientific paper, the researchers stressed that they expect this device to have many practical benefits, by determining the true levels of pain in patients after undergoing major surgeries such as heart operations, as well as patients who cannot express the extent of their pain, such as children, the deaf and the dumb patients. In addition, the device can be used in veterinary clinics to measure pain levels in sick animals.

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