The Ministry of Finance statement shows the government, during the Covid-19 pandemic, has collected 600,000 dinars in fines, in spite of the country had slapped partial and complete lockdowns in some areas.

The official statement issued by the Ministry of Finance, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, revealed the value of traffic violations committed in Kuwait during the past 6 years was about 380.39 million dinars.

Giving the breakdown, the revenues collected by the State from traffic violations from fiscal 2015/2016 to 2020/2021 was 380.39 million dinars; for fiscal 2015/2016 – which topped in terms of violations – was 69.47 million dinars; 2016/2017 was about 66.05 million dinars and in third place was 2018/2019 which fetched 62.16 million dinars.

Fiscal 2020/2021, the period that saw lockdowns and disruption of businesses and closure of government institutions, surprisingly the government collected 61.6 million dinars, an increase of 600,000 dinars in the value of violations over the previous year. Fiscal 2017/2018 ranked fifth and was the lowest in terms of violations, with 60.03 million dinars.

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