Despite the car manufacturing factories all over the world are facing problems and the slowdown in supply chains around the world, affected by the repercussions of the “Corona” pandemic and global geopolitical developments, the activity of the new car market locally has not been dampened during the last period.

According to a database of new car sales locally during the first five months of this year, it appears that they included about 14,657 vehicles, so that Kuwait nevertheless maintains its position among the largest car markets in the region, according to a local Arabic daily.

Statistics show that sales of saloon cars between January and May was about 376 and 962 small vehicles, in addition to selling about 457 small multi-use vehicles and 1684 modern medium size multi-vehicles.

This comes at a time when the numbers show that the local market witnessed the registration of 403 deals to purchase large SUVs, 1,261 large Jeep vehicles, and 2,181 large Jeep vehicles. The statistics reflect the high and continuous demand for all types of vehicles in the local market, and for all agencies located in the country.

This activity reflects the success of car agencies in gaining the trust of customers, driven by the great race among them to win new customers by providing appropriate offers, discounts and prices that suit all categories of customers, in addition to the continued availability of purchasing power in this sector.

Indicators show that the automotive sector benefited in the first months of this year from several positive indicators witnessed by the local economy, on top of which is the data of the increase in consumer spending by citizens and residents, and the continued preservation of oil at the pace of its high prices recorded since the beginning of the year, in addition to the disbursement of the estimated retirement grant. 3,000 dinars, and an increase in their periodic pensions.

The sales of the first five months of this year highlight the continuation of the automotive sector in recording high sales, which amounted from January to October 2021 about 71,106 new cars, a growth of 34.5 percent compared to 52,828 vehicles in the same period of 2020, and an increase of 4 percent compared to With sales of the whole of 2020, which amounted to 68,389 new cars.

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