The road maintenance and asphalt laying plan has encountered significant delays, causing growing concerns as the approaching winter season threatens to exacerbate the deteriorating conditions of main roads and streets. Despite the allocation of a substantial budget for repairs, the promised projects remain stagnant, prompting criticism of the Ministry of Public Works and other involved parties, reported Al-Qabas Daily.

Sources revealed that the delay in executing the road maintenance plan has contributed to the worsening state of both main and internal roads and streets. The Ministry of Finance had allocated a significant budget of approximately a quarter of a billion dinars (240 million dinars) earlier for the repair projects. However, these projects have yet to transition from paper to actual implementation on the ground.

The failure to fulfill pledges and announced plans by the Ministry of Public Works and other concerned entities has drawn criticism. The Government Communication Center had previously announced plans to commence asphalt laying work in mid-July 2023, following contracts with international companies. However, these plans have not materialized as anticipated, leaving citizens grappling with deteriorating road conditions.

The Council of Ministers had emphasized the urgency of expediting road maintenance to ensure public safety. The Ministry of Public Works had also vowed to hold those responsible for negligence in road maintenance contracts accountable. Despite these statements, little progress has been made on these fronts.

As road repairs remain stalled, citizens continue to bear the brunt of deteriorating conditions on main streets, with gravel scattering due to wear and tear. The Minister of Works had previously promised noticeable improvements in the country’s road infrastructure within three months of the start of these projects. However, the timeline has become uncertain due to the delay in reviewing bids and submitting recommendations for contracts and work commencement.

As winter draws nearer, concerns are mounting that road maintenance might not be carried out in time, leading to potential hazards for motorists. Without tangible developments in road maintenance, the recurring issues stemming from deteriorating road conditions are likely to multiply annually. Authorities are now under increasing pressure to address these concerns promptly and effectively before the winter season arrives.

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