In the context of preserving the reputation of the military institution the Ministry of Defense conducted random drug tests on about 5,000 soldiers during the past two weeks.

A local Arabic daily quoting defense sources indicated this was done upon instructions issued by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to ensure the health and safety of the soldiers.

The daily stressed consumption of drugs and psychotropic substances is an intolerable offense irrespective of the units and brigades and includes all military ranks and positions, explaining that this exercise is not new, and that it is a procedure that has been in place since the establishment of the Kuwaiti army, but the instructions have been given by the minister to implement this procedure in every sense of the word and spirit.

The sources indicated if any case is discovered, it will be dealt with in accordance with the legal procedures followed in the Ministry of Defense in order to protect the image of the military institution.

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