Representatives Shuaib Shaaban, Muhalhel Al-Mudhaf, Hamad Al-Mudlej, Abdullah Fahd and Osama Al-Zaid proposed to amend the law regarding combating psychotropic substances, as well as regulating their use and trafficking. The amendment stipulated that whoever imports or exports with the intent to traffic or prepare psychotropic substances without obtaining a license shall be punished by death or life imprisonment with a fine not exceeding 20,000 dinars.

According to Al Rai newspaper, the amendment applies to anyone who possesses, buys or sells psychotropic substances and their preparations, as well as receives, transfers, downloads, exchanges, or spends them in any capacity, or mediates in something of them, with the intention of trading in them in any way other than that authorized by the law. It similarly applies to whoever produces, separates, or manufactures any psychotropic substance or preparation without obtaining the license stipulated in the law.

Furthermore, the penalty shall also be imposed on anyone who has been authorized to possess psychotropic substances and their preparations and has disposed of them for other purposes, as well as those who manage, prepare, or for a fee, a place for the consumption of psychotropic substances and preparations. If the crimes stipulated in the above mentioned paragraphs are committed without compensation, the penalty shall be imprisonment for a period not exceeding 15 years, with a fine not exceeding 10,000 dinars. The penalty shall be death in the event of recurrence, or if the offender is an employee entrusted with combating psychotropic substances or controlling their circulation or possession.

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