The Federation of Fresh Dairy Producers has called on the concerned authorities to increase support for them to help them enhance food security.

They pointed out the high feed prices are one of the biggest problems facing cow breeders, according to a local Arabic daily.

The Vice-President of the Federation, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi said during a workshop that was organized to shed light on the latest developments in the presence of a number of veterinarians, farm owners and workers learned some of them suffered financial losses as a result of the incompatibility of what is spent on fodder compared to what is produced and sold, in addition to the significant impact resulting from the end of budgets established for support, and the delay in disbursing subsidies by the responsible authorities in the state.

He added this negatively affects the farms and delays their development and continuity processes, pointing to the importance of finding a solution to the difficulties they face in the area of fodder, stressing the concerned people must pay heed to the local animal sector because this sector plays a vital role in enhancing food security, which has proven its ability during crisis times as it happened during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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