In an effort to highlight the significance of protecting online users and their activities in the world wide web, as well as, the safety of online content, the Director of the Electronic Publishing Department at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, Lafi Al-Subaie, led the Kuwaiti delegation to the three-day media meetings organized by the media and communication sector, the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, in cooperation with the Arab Commission for Satellite Broadcasting, held in Amman, Jordan.

“The electronic media has the responsibility to transmit news from its reliable official sources to investigate accuracy and credibility to protect online content from any penetration from some suspicious platforms that aim to spread their ideas and spread rumours,” Al-Subaie said in a statement.

Al-Subaie stressed that implementing the recommendations of the Council of Arab Information Minsiters is a must to form an Arab committee that keep an eye on electronic games promoting terrorism or any form of extremism.

Moreover, the Jordanian Minister of State for Media Affairs, Faisal Shboul, commenced the meeting on Thursday in the presence of the Arab countries and Arab federations’ representatives, as well as, concerned media and other communication channels.

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