The Cyber Security Department at the Ministry of Interior said annoying and automated calls are increasing and cyber security and social engineering expert Abdulhadi Mishaal Al-Mamouni warned of fraudulent international calls targeting Kuwaitis to rob them.

Al-Maimouni told a local Arabic daily lack of a cooperation protocol with some countries allows their citizens to easily engage in fraud stressing at the same time, “reliance on community members’ awareness and understanding in the face of these fraudulent practices.

Al-Maimouni says he hopes an awareness strategy will be developed by the authorities, such as the Ministry of Information, to reduce the effects of fraud.

The Cyber Security Department explained how to deal with these calls, pointing out that there are four steps through which the problem can be addressed:

1 – Download the call blocker app, and activate the annoying contact filter feature for calls and text messages.

2 – Use the smart phone’s features to activate the feature to silence unknown callers on the iPhone; to block unknown calls on Android: block annoying numbers on the iPhone; block annoying numbers on Android

3 – Not to give the phone number easily to any person or entity, except after confirming the entity and the purpose of the request, because it may be used to spread unwanted text messages, or receive calls from unknown parties.

4 – Not answering automated calls from unknown parties.

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