The Kuwait Teachers’ Association has submitted to the Ministry of Education proposals that can be applied in the area of promoting youth to the supervisory positions and cut down the waiting period which at the moment is three years.

The head of the KTA, Hamad Al-Hooli, said the association has submitted various demands to the Ministry of Education to complement the efforts of the association, reports a local Arabic daily.

In this regard Al-Hooli stated the following:

— Priority for the nomination of heads of departments in some subjects such as computer and music

— Non-confidentiality in announcing results in supervisory positions by activating the Ministry’s website so that each candidate can know the result.

— The transparency to know the sequence in supervisory jobs through the website of the Ministry of Education without the need for confidentiality.

— Filling vacancies well in advance of the start of the school year.

— Setting a fixed date for issuing the supervisory job bulletin.

— The existence of a specific mechanism applied to all disciplines in grievances.

— Announcing a specific time for submitting grievances and deciding on them

— Appointing 2 department heads in schools with a large student population and majors that suffer from long waiting periods for promotion to supervisory positions.

— Appointing 2 department heads for schools where the number of teachers is more than 12 teachers in the same department

— Kuwaitization of supervisory positions.

— Opening nominations for majors in which there are no heads of department.

— Appointing a third assistant principal in all schools and all educational stages (primary – intermediate – and secondary).

— Appointing a second assistant director in all kindergartens

— Increasing the number of technical mentors.

— The quorum for the technical instructor is 45 teachers and does not exceed 60 teachers.

— Appointing a first mentor for each educational stage, similar to the observers of educational stages

— Increasing the number of mentors in the administration of special education in areas with a large and remote geographical area

— Appointing school principals at each educational stage in the “current” co-ed schools.

Al-Houli explained that these proposals come with the aim of providing the opportunity for youngsters to assume positions for the development of the educational system, strengthening and empowering the innovative energies of the leadership youth to achieve the vision of the State of Kuwait 2035, moving the wheel of supervisory jobs and ending the waiting period in many jobs in the educational field, providing the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of retirees.

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