Although decree was issued to amend the civil service system which allows state employees to cash their balance annual leave, state employees say the Civil Service Commission is expected to issue another decree to lay down some rules and regulations in this regard.

The decree, a copy of which has been obtained by a local Arabic daily, stipulates a third paragraph should be added to Article 41 of the decree issued by the CSC which states that an employee who has served for at least five years may cash his/her balance annual leave while in service.

The text of this article stipulated “that the employee’s balance after cash disbursement shall not be less than thirty days until the end of the Gregorian year, and the Civil Service Council may set other rules and conditions for encashing the leave.

The decree is effective from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette, which is expected to be published next Sunday.

Meanwhile, related sources revealed that the application to cash annual leave is subject to controls, such as the number of times an employee is allowed to encash annual leave during service and other controls, which requires a decision from the CSC, pointing out that no date has yet been set for the meeting with the concerned authority.

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