KUWAIT: Fitness buffs often dread summer as the sun stirs up unbearable heat which prevents many from going out and stay indoors for some, summertime is nothing compared to any weather conditions in the country and the best time of the year to lose weight and enjoy the outdoors. However, for many, indoor affords the best hub to either continue or start their fitness journey and protected from the heat of the sun.

Most of the cardio exercises available in many gyms and fitness centers in Kuwait include, cardio machines such as Treadmills, Bikes, Climbers, Steppers, Elliptical, Rowing, and floor cardio exercise. When it comes to cardio workouts, you fall into one of two sides either you become passionate about it or drop the whole idea of using the machines. For many gym fanatics, a single day without a sweaty workout and nerve breaking workouts is not a victorious day against fat burning as cardio is the core of their workouts. However, whatever you do as cardio exercise will always be a win-win benefit.

When we speak of cardio, it can only mean the heart and lungs as major components, it provides sustainability and endurance of our heart and lungs or our respiratory and muscle systems and the best fat burning agent. Daily cardio workout is beneficial with at least forty-five minutes and being consistent about it imperative to achieve better results. Failure to do cardio workouts is not bad at all but in so many cases when one stops and finding excuses not to do it can cause drastic change in our system too. There are numerous choices to do cardio in the gym and each day can be a challenge stepping on those machines but once a fitness goal is set then nothing should deter you from achieving that end objective. Cardio does not have to be boring or monotonous, and adding cross training using gym machines can help you achieve faster the results you need.

Cross training between cardio machines and gym equipment provides faster results especially on weight loss. Cross Training is a mix set of workouts creating a series of three or four routines repeatedly on set formats. VeryWellFit affords list of benefits from cross training: Cross-training is a great way to condition different muscle groups, develop a new set of skills, and reduce the boredom that creeps in after months of the same exercise routines. Cross-training also allows you to vary the stress placed on specific muscles and even your cardiovascular system. Provides flexibility in your training needs and plans (if the pool is closed, you can go for a run instead), Allows you to continue to train while injured, Conditions the entire body, not just specific muscle group, improves skill, agility, and balance, produces a higher level of all-around conditioning and Works some muscles while others rest and recover

Cross Training maybe outside our comfort zone but once we mastered swinging in with the system this can become habitual and eventually an integral part of our daily routine. What is important is, workouts be indoor or outdoor once performed the right way will always provide positive results. Coach Frank of Energie Gym in Salmiyah reminds everyone to continuously hydrate during workouts regardless either indoor or outdoor.

(Ricky Laxa is a certified fitness trainer by The American College of Sports Medicine and American Council on Exercise. A fitness coach in Kuwait for the past 20 years and hosted various tv programs. He is the GMA 7 News Correspondent in Kuwait and Journalist at The Times Kuwait)

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