The Ministry of Education is facing a new crisis in the employment of cleaning workers, as financial controllers are refusing to pay any dues to companies before they pay the fines incurred by them.

A local Arabic daily has learned while the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Education are seeking to address the problem of the shortage of cleaners by reaching an understanding with the companies responsible for providing cleaners by exempting them from some of the fines imposed on them during the Corona pandemic, the financial controllers are refusing to disburse any amounts to the companies before paying monetary fines, which means that the crisis of cleaners will continue until the end of the current school year.

The sources added that the continued non-disbursement of funds to companies means the continuation of the crisis of sanitation workers in schools until the end of the current academic year and the continued suffering of school administrations, teachers and students from poor services and accumulation of waste, pointing out that the competent authorities have raised the issue with senior officials of the ministry to find solutions to the problem.

It is noteworthy to make a mention that the ministry has contracted with cleaning companies to provide eight cleaners in each school, but it faced a stifling which led to the shortage of local labor and the difficulty of bringing in new labor from abroad.

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