A Kuwaiti has filed a complaint against a compatriot of cheating him. According to the complainant he sold his car to the suspect for KD41,800 and was paid KD3,000 as advance. He was assured that the rest of the money would be paid after the transfer of the car in his name.

However, after the transfer was completed the buyer told the seller that he did not have the money to pay him, but that legally since the car is now in his name, it belongs to him. The issue has been referred to the prosecution.

Meanwhile, police are reportedly looking for a person who is said to have bought two phones worth KD950 online using the credit card of a Kuwaiti woman. The woman said she received a message saying KD950 had been deducted from her account and when she checked with the bank she discovered someone had used her account to buy the phones. The complaint has been referred to the e-crimes department of the Ministry of Interior

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