Manicures don’t last very long, ask any fashionista who emerges from the salon after a nicely painted manicure. The manicure lasts for a few days, and then becomes chipped or smudged. If you are a beauty perfectionist, then you want to master the art of disguising a chipped manicure or pedicure. Here are some tricks:

Go wild with glitter: One of the best solutions is to use glitter. It’s the perfect way to conceal the natural nail coming through. Go all out, and apply the glitter on your entire nail, doing a slightly heavier application on the chipped area. For something less aggressive, dot the glitter only on the tips of the nails, where chips tend to commonly occur. Glittery tips draw the eyes to the sparkle, not to the flaws.

Create a reverse french: Another chip-fix involves a simple twist on the classic French manicure, otherwise known as the ‘Reverse French’. To do it, take a contrasting color and apply a thin coat on the edge of your nail. Make sure to follow it up with another light layer of clear topcoat. This look will certainly get you compliments from your nail-obsessed friends.

Covering one chip with some ombre is fine, but the two toned look doesn’t have to be limited to just the one nail. Repeat the action with a nail on the opposite hand, or go for painting every other nail on both hands if you want to have a little more fun with the manicure.

Patch it up: A great solution for a conservative manicure-wearer: If you happen to have the same color, or something very similar at home, patch it up. This is the most obvious but least exciting approach, but it always does the job. Carefully apply a thin coat of polish to the chipped area, not the whole nail. Wait a minute for it to dry and then apply a clear high-gloss topcoat to smooth out the edges of the wet blob.

Create a bling finger: One damaged nail is no reason to forgo your entire manicure. Instead, dress it up. Using nail polish remover, remove polish from the damaged nail. Apply a clear base coat and then choose your favorite metallic or glitter polish and apply two coats. Top it off with a clear topcoat, and you have got yourself one distinctive nail.

Make it nail art: If you are looking to try something trendy and unique, go for a fantastic nail art design. Nail art is back and it’s bigger and more accessible than ever. There are glitters, stickers, gems and gels all tantalizing gorgeous on even the most demure hands. Press on nail sets offer a way to change up a ruined nail in seconds flat, ensuring a picture perfect DIY manicure fix with zero dry time.

Alternatively, you can take inspiration from number of sources for nail art ideas, or simply dab a little superglue and a rhinestone for a glitzy finish.  There is no denying that there is a wide-spread obsession with intricate nail designs these days, and as most trends go, you want to be a part of it.


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