The Personal Status Court rejected a wife’s request to divorce because in her lawsuit she claimed her husband is addicted to the PlayStation game and spends most of his time on this game when inside and outside the home.

Lawyer Hawraa Al-Habib pleaded on behalf of the husband, and confirmed that divorce takes place in cases when there is a reason that makes it impossible to continue marital life, and the lawyer said her client did not commit the act of betrayal, and was not stingy, or cruel in dealing with his life partner, or negligent in his marital rights.

She added, “We support separation if it is in the interest of both parties, but my client wants to complete his married life, and the excuse that my client’s wife relied on does not amount to reason or logic being a reason for separation.”

After rejecting the lawsuit, the court confirmed that “the reason that was presented was not convincing for separation, and therefore the court refused to grant divorce.”

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