The demand for cosmetic procedures has doubled in the last ten years in the Arab regions. In fact, at least 60 percent of Kuwaiti women aged 15 to 55 spend conscientiously on everything related to cosmetic and laser procedures, while treatments for gynecomastia and forehead wrinkles are the most popular among men.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become essential in many Arab and Gulf societies, especially among women. With its increasing popularity, beauty centers and clinics pop out everywhere, offering attractive packages.

Most cosmetic procedures in Kuwait specialize in Botox, fillers, threads, rejuvenation, and fat injection. The services also include rhinoplasty on the one hand, and liposuction on the other, especially with widespread obesity. Sleeve operations also result in weight loss and make some major changes to the body, as well as, to the person’s lifestyle, such as pressures at work and delay in sleep.

On the other hand, the prices for undergoing cosmetic procedures vary due to the variety of techniques not only from one clinic to another, but also from one specialist to another. The specialized devices used can also factor in the cost of the treatment.

The emergence of modern technology has birthed many alternatives to surgical operations that give the desired results. These alternatives include the fruit acid filler, Botox, as well as, the vaser device, which made breakthroughs and reaped benefits in the field of liposuction.

Dr. Muhammad Saad, a local plastic surgeon, said that the demand for cosmetic procedures has doubled during the past ten years in the Gulf countries, in general, and in Kuwait in particular, where the data showed that between 50-60 percent of Kuwaiti women from age 15 to 55 spend on cosmetic and laser procedures.

Dr. Saad said that the upsurge in cosmetic procedures generated a competitive atmosphere between centers and hospitals, each promising to provide better medical services and utilize advanced technologies in performing surgeries. This commercial rivalry naturally resulted in the booming of the plastic surgery industry in Kuwait, especially in terms of leveling up the efficiency of the services.

The acquisition of the latest medical equipment, provision of advanced surgical methods used in plastic surgery, and conducting of medical seminars and conferences, raised the standard of efficacy of Kuwaiti plastic surgeons and newly-graduate specialists in the field.

As to what are the widely used techniques, Dr. Saad explained that currently, more reliance is placed on filler injections, Botox, rejuvenation needles, tightening and facelifts, which stimulate the body to produce collagen.

“Collagen regenerates skin tissue and treats contractions and sagging, as well as, limits the effects of aging. It advances age and delays its appearance. It is considered an alternative to surgical operations in many cases, especially in some cases where exposure to general anesthetic is not suitable due to health problems or social conditions,” Dr. Saad said.

“There is also a face-tightening and contouring without surgery, and defining the face to look more naturally youthful, such as defining the jaw and eyelids, and lifting both cheeks. This process is done in addition to tightening and defining the neck to get rid of wrinkles, contractions and sagging skin by using Botox and the tightening needle. It does not leave behind bruises and swelling, avoiding the dangers of general anesthesia and wound problems, especially for clients with diabetes and chronic diseases such as heart and high blood pressure,” he added.

Dr. Saad emphasized the availability of safe materials, such as the filler of fruit acids with Botox. He noted that it gives the required results in a single session, and lasts for an entire year, adding that it can also quickly restore the surgical area without any side effects.

Cosmetic treatments are not limited to women as some treatments are also available for men. According to Dr. Saad, the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead area is one of the leading inconveniences among men. Botox is used to naturally hide wrinkles in a single session without any side effects. Gynecomastia also causes inconvenience to men because of its unappealing appearance, especially during summer and spring. For such cases, techniques are used to break up the gland and remove it using a vaser device.

The single session rhinoplasty without surgery is witnessing a great demand, especially with the dawn of modern technologies as an alternative to surgical intervention. The treatment gives quick results particularly with the use of filler, Botox, and cosmetic threads. The results can be seen after only one session and without any bruises or puffing, so that the client can quickly return to their daily routine.

Some, especially those with obesity, resort to liposuction and re-injection to improve one’s appearance and obtain a slender and sculpted bodily feature. Many modern devices give ideal results in only one session and are the most preferred by clients, particularly the vaser device.

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