The doctors unanimously agreed that all the approved Corona vaccines are completely safe for patients with cancer, allergies, and also pregnant women can take them without fear, Al Qabas reported.

The doctors agreed that there are no indications of interaction or incompatibility of Corona vaccines with any of the drugs but they also advised not to take fever reducers or allergies medication shortly before the vaccination as it may reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The doctors also pointed out that there is no relation between the Corona vaccine and the influenza vaccine but their administration should be separated by a period of time not less than two weeks.

They reaffirmed that most medicines can be taken after vaccination with Pfizer, Moderna, Jenson, and AstraZeneca, adding that the Cancer patients and those recovering from it can take vaccines without fear, but the doctor must be consulted. The therapist determines the appropriate time for vaccination as they are subject to several different treatment programs.

it is not recommended to take the vaccine with a cortisone treatment dose of more than 20 milligrams per day or immunomodulatory drugs, calling for not to worry about the emergence of some mild and moderate symptoms after receiving the anti-Corona vaccination.

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