With the continuous decline in the infection cases of Covid-19 mutant Omicron over the past days, the door to ‘relieve restrictions’ are expected to be adopted in the country, as is done by a number of neighboring countries.

In this context, governmental sources revealed to Al-Qabas that the Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies will study, in its upcoming meeting tomorrow, Sunday, a set of recommendations that include mechanisms to ease restrictions that were introduced following the outbreak of Omicron.

Despite its assertion that the government will wait for the return to normal life so that the easing of restrictions will be gradual, the sources said that among the recommendations presented to the committee, the return of worshippers in mosques as they were before the pandemic, reducing the quarantine period for those who are infected and those who come in contact, and government agencies working with 100 staff capacity.

However, discarding face masks and return of gatherings and holding events in closed places will be according to the study of the epidemiological situation, saying wearing masks in open places can be done away easily than allowing holding wedding parties.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health continued to work in more than one direction, starting with accelerating the pace of vaccinations with a booster dose and vaccinating children to achieve complete societal immunity, in addition to conducting random swabs in various governorates to detect the epicenters of the virus.

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