Officials from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, investigating the recent case of a Kuwaiti and an Arab mandoub selling hundreds of commercial visas, have discovered that the company used to sell visas to professional beggars.

The beggars, on arriving in Kuwait, would then conduct their panhandling operations in front of mosques and other public places, and then reportedly share a percentage of their daily ‘earnings’ with company officials.

The sale of visas to beggars came to light following the arrest of two beggars, who on interrogation revealed that they were brought in by the company to beg in Kuwait. Following this revelation, the company’s file at the Social Affairs Ministry was blocked.

However, the company later managed to get the block lifted and then began selling commercial visas to hundreds of expatriates for sums ranging between KD200 and KD250. Investigators are now said to be working to unearth how and who unblocked the company’s file, and to summon the officials responsible for this act to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for questioning.



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