The head of the advisory committee to confront “Corona” in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallalh has urged everyone to take seasonal vaccinations to strengthen the health situation, coinciding with the return of travelers, the resumption of public education, parliamentary rallies, and the change in weather conditions.

Al-Jarallah pointed out, on his Twitter account, the importance of promoting a culture of public health and vaccination of young people in educational curricula including education officials, reports a local Arabic daily.

In addition, health sources said Ministry of Health has obtained the approvals from the regulatory authorities to extend the tender contract for operating, maintenance and repairing engineering services in Al-Sabah, Maternity, Chest Diseases, Natural Medicine, Communicable Diseases, Psychiatry, Addiction Treatment Center, National Bank of Kuwait Hospital for Children, and Communications Hospital for the nose and ear. and throat, and some health centers and facilities of the Al-Sabah Specialized Medical District.

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