ALSAYER Holding, one of the leading conglomerates in the region recently held its annual employee convention to appreciate outstanding achievements and honor excellent customer service for its the Group divisions including Mohamed Naser Al Sayer for Toyota and Lexus Sales Service and Parts Division, Bahrah Trading Company for HINO, Bobcat, Doosan heavy equipment, ALSAYER Engineering for Yokohama tires, Cofran oil and Nexa Auto Paint, ALSAYER Medical Company, Car Rental and Leasing, Insurance, KAFF for animal feed, AlDhow Holding, Investment and Real Estate Divisions.

The event was attended by Faisal Bader Al Sayer Chairman, Mubarak Naser Al Sayer CEO representing Board of Directors, Bengt Schultz Chief Operating Officer, Jacques Feghali Chief Services Officer along with Top Management Team, Managers and 3000+ employees of the Group.

Emphasizing on the Company’s Mission statement Mubarak Naser Al Sayer said “ALSAYER Holding – Corporate values of honesty, trust and personal integrity are at the heart of all our business dealings. We will achieve continuous growth by providing only quality products/service and being acknowledged as the best in the business by Customers, Principals, Employees, Community and Shareholders”.

According to Bengt Schultz “We have embarked on the ‘Best in Town’ journey lead by Toyota, where the aim is to build a robust organization able to tackle the challenges our industry is facing going forward. A core part of the ‘Best in Town’ program is the spread of the Kaizen culture throughout our organization”.

ALSAYER’s heritage is built on one simple promise: to provide the best products paired with an outstanding customer experience. The aim is not only to satisfy customers, but also to promote excitement in the workplace, create possibilities to grow and develop one strong team. Group Management thanked and appreciated the team work to tackle numerous challenges without losing focus on customers.

“We are launching the new era of ‘Best in Town’ program across all Group entities, that we have been building together with Toyota Motor Corporation in Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons Est. Co. , it is mainly about nurturing a culture of continuous improvement, KAIZEN, for all our employees. KAIZEN can be implemented at all levels of the organization, it is meant for employees, middle management and business leaders. It works at all levels of the hierarchy, operational, day to day managerial and strategic” said Jacques Feghali.

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