The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has asked the Municipality to hand over the land allocated to it to build an integrated car park on the Salmi Road.

An informed source revealed to a local Arabic daily that the Ministry of Commerce has obtained a conditional approval from the Ministry of Electricity and Water on the site, so that the requirements that were agreed upon during the meeting that took place between the two ministries on July 27, 2022 are as follows:

1 – Not to use the area surrounding the high pressure towers (inside and outside the forests) for any purposes and to stay away from the towers and overhead power lines with a sufficient distance of not less than 25 meters from both sides, whether existing lines or in the future.

2 – Facilitating the entry and exit of overhead line maintenance mechanisms and making corridors to reach the towers around the clock; To do periodic and emergency maintenance or make a special gate near the towers.

3 – Building parking lots away from high pressure lines.

4 – Putting warning signs to prevent trucks and cars parking nearby these sites

5 – It is strictly forbidden to trespass high-altitude power lines from whether existing or future.

6- Placing guard rails around high pressure towers.

On the other hand, the daily has learned that the Municipality has agreed to allocate three sites for the establishment of housing complexes for expatriate workers, each site having an area of 150,000 square meters, west of the city of pilgrims in the Jahra Governorate, in implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers as per the following:

— The sites are handed over to the Ministry of Finance (“State Property Administration”); to be sold at public auction to the private sector, provided that it is built within a specific period of time determined by the Ministry of Finance, provided that this is mentioned during the auction in accordance with the texts and procedures in force in this regards.

— Coordination with the ministries of services and adherence to their requirements before implementation provided that the implementing agency bears the cost of implementing, maintaining and protecting the services.

— Submitting a comprehensive traffic study to be approved by the General Directorate of Traffic at the Ministry of Interior.

— The possibility of modifying the sites and the road network in case they conflict with any services or for any regulatory reasons.

— Commitment to the standards of cities and labor gatherings in force in the Kuwait Municipality.

The Department of the Structure Plan has determined the criteria for the cities and labor gatherings that they currently have in place, as follows:

1 – The heights of the four floors in the area for residential buildings, two floors for buildings of service and commercial uses.

2 – Commercial ratios for labor complexes: 5% commercial, 5% service buildings.

3 – Commercial uses of labor complexes: a supermarket, a bank, cafes, restaurants, multi-purpose halls, and shops.

4 – Construction percentages for labor complexes: 20% construction concentration for residential buildings, 10% for buildings for service and commercial uses.

The municipality indicated that work is underway to study the standards for labor housing and labor cities, their distribution and the proposed densities within the works of the fourth structural plan for the State of Kuwait 2024, in light of the current reality and future variables for preparing employment and estimating the extent of the need for housing.

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